mission & Beliefs

We seek to lead people to a saving faith in Jesus Christ, a deeper fellowship, and fruitful service. 

In fulfillment of this mission we seek to be a church in which…

  • people are eager and excited to gather each week for a time of worship in which God is glorified and the believer is blessed.
  • authentic life changing community is experienced by every individual.
  • every individual, regardless of age or spiritual maturity is being taught and trained with the message of the Bible.
  • individuals are regularly coming to saving faith in Jesus Christ through the witness of the church and its members.
  • every believer has discovered his or her spiritual gift and is putting them to use in fruitful service for the Kingdom of God.

1. We believe God's Word must be powerfully and effectively taught and preached to both believers and non-believers.

2. We believe authentic spiritual transformation will occur within the life of every genuine disciple of Christ.

3. We believe the church is called to challenge and equip every person to spiritual growth through opportunities of learning, worship, fellowship, service, and witness.

4. We seek to be theologically conservative, yet progressive in our ministry. We embrace the historic Reformed Christian faith, and we seek to communicate it in ways that are relevant and meaningful.

5. We believe a faithful deepening prayer life is indispensable for the health of the Christian, the church, and the mission of the church.

6. We believe every believer is a valuable, gifted member called to serve Christ and His Kingdom.

7. We believe God deserves the best of our time, resources, and gifts.


The sacrament of baptism reminds and assures us that “as surely as water washes away dirt from the body, so certainly [Christ’s] blood and his Spirit wash away . . . all [our] sins” (Heidelberg Catechism, Q. and A. 69).

And because “infants as well as adults are in God’s covenant and are his people,” they, “no less than adults, are promised the forgiveness of sin” and thus “by baptism . . . should be received into the Christian church. . . . This was done in the Old Testament by circumcision, which was eplaced in the New Testament by baptism” (Heidelberg Catechism, Q. and A. 74)

In the Christian Reformed Church, baptism is performed by an ordained minister of the Word or commissioned pastor. The usual method of baptism is by the sprinkling of water on the forehead of the person to be baptized, but other methods (such as immersion) may also be used. The CRC employs infant baptism (for children of believing parents) as well as adult baptism (for adults who join but have not previously been baptized in a Christian church); an adult who is baptized is also called upon to make a public profession of his or her faith in Christ.

Click here to find the Yearly Baptism Schedule.

The lord's supper/communion

Along with baptism, the Lord’s Supper (holy communion) is a sacrament in the CRC. Believers in Christ who have professed their faith are welcome to receive the nourishment and refreshment of the bread and cup of the Lord “as sure signs” in remembrance of Christ’s body and blood poured out for us in his once-for-all sacrifice on the cross (Heidelberg Catechism, Q. and A. 75-82).

Children at The Lord's Supper

In view of Synod's decision allowing children to participate in the Lord's Supper, Caledonia CRC revised its policy to allow baptized children, who have been properly prepared by their parents, and approved by the elders, to participate in the Lord's Supper as part of each person's continuing faith walk towards their public Profession of Faith and full church membership.

Download the "Remembering" Family Devotional Booklet to prepare for The Lord's Supper with your child.

Caledonia CRC celebrates Communion bi-monthly, typically on the 4th Sunday of even months.