History of caledonia CRC


Worship Services were held in the Caledonia High School Cafeteria.


Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Ruehs donated land on the corner of M-37and 100th, and construction began on the chapel.


The Chapel was officially organized into Caledonia Christian Reformed Church. 24 families and 7 individuals became charter members. Later in that same year, women earned the right to vote in congregational meetings.


Rev. Rodger Buining was called as the first ordained minister, and the parsonage was built for 20,000.


As more people moved to the area, it became evident more room was required.


In April, plans for a new sanctuary were prepared and swiftly approved, with a seating capacity of 450 and cost of $120,000. The first service was held in November, with 54 families.


Rev. Henry Entingh was installed. Membership had grown to 70 families. Later that year the chapel was remodeled to provide a meeting place for the Young People. The cost of the project was $4,000 and the area became known as the“ Upper Room”.


Rev. Merle Buwalda was installed, there were 165 families, and 2 morning worship services were held to accommodate all.


The ground breaking ceremony for the new sanctuary was held. Seating capactiy 850. The facility was dedicated in 1989.


Rev. VanOyen was installed.


Rev. VandeKieft began as Pastor of Visitation.


Rev. R. Scott Greenway was installed. Al Tiemeyer was hired to serve in community outreach.


A challenge was put before the congregation to pay off the current morgtage of $440,000 by the year 2000. “Challenge 2000” was a success!


Church attendance continued to increase, and children’s ministries flourished. A WOW service was gathering on Wednesday nights.


The Congregation approved a 2.5 million dollar building project, and parsonage renovation known as “Beyond the Bricks.”


Worship services were held downstairs in the multi-purpose room for the summer. Later that year the new addition was dedicated.


The Council was restructured, and a Strategic Planning Team was formed to lookat the church’s future. A new Care Provider system was put in place, replacing the Elder/Deacon Care Districts to better meet the needs of members. Rev. Merle Buwalda was installed as Pastor of Outreach and Enfolding.


The new Multi-Purpose Room began to be used through programs like Outdoor Club and Sports Outreach (SOAR).


The parsonage was donated to Habitat for Humanity ReStore.


Council brought a proposal to the congregation to start a new worshipping community to reach those who are “disconnected” from the church. The Council & congregation approved this initiative and a search team was formed to find a leader for this ministry.


Rev. Corey Van Huizen was ordained and Installed as Pastor of the New Worshipping Community. In May 2016 The Caledonia Gathering was launched.